The Gazelle Arroyo Elite is an icon, reinvented; ultimate comfort combined with the best ride qualities. Unquestionably one of the best step-through bikes on the market.

The GazelleNL is our compact, multipurpose utility bike with a robust low-step frame.

The Gazelle Cityzen T9 is Gazelle’s sporty, fast, and fun commuter bike.

The Gazelle Arroyo C8 was the most popular Gazelle bike in North America last year.

The Gazelle Medeo is our active electric bike that takes you everywhere.

Royal Dutch Gazelle eBikes offer premium upright comfort eBikes as well as rigid and spiffy hybrids.  We also get the majority of our rental fleet from this great 127-year old company!

Fat Folding Electric Bike

Much More Coming Soon!

Gazelle Citizen T9 Bosch Performance Line

What’s The Deal With eBikes?

At Reckless Shipyards: eBikes & More we are passionate about eBikes and only offer premium top quality brands for Sale.

Bosch-powered eBikes are among our favourite, and chief among them is the premium line, Royal Dutch Gazelle! After years of experience we know they are among the best when it comes to quality and price point.

If you do fall in love with a bike, our efforts don’t stop there. We are committed to providing excellent on-going service and support for years to come.

Gazelle Citizen T9 Bosch Performance Line

The Reckless Promise

The experience you receive at Reckless Shipyards is what means most. We offer a comfortable environment to browse, rent or have your bike fixed.

Ultimately we’re just helping you find what you need. Feel free to ask us anything, even what to have for lunch!

Let’s Simplify this eBike thing…

  • Ebikes are still bicycles, they just feature two main additions:
    • A Motor and Battery. The easiest way to narrow down the selection is to just try the various motor systems out there.  They will vary in feel, but all of them will get you up those hills way easier and quicker then what you’re used to.  Just make sure to say “sorry” while you pass other cyclists!
    • Major Motor Manufacturers: Bosch, Shimano STEPS, Bafang, and Brose.
  • Can the batteries be removed for charging?
    • Yes, almost all eBike batteries are removable for the purpose of easy and convenient charging.
    • Also, when you remove the battery, the bike is much lighter and easier to transport.
  • How far does it go on one charge?
    • Most pedal assist electric bikes are able to assist for anywhere between 60km-100km, but it depends how and where you ride!
    • How big is the “gas tank?” Battery capacity is measured in Watt Hours (WH). Most are between 400Wh-500Wh.
  • What is the warranty?
    • Yes! Most manufacturers will warranty their electric components (motor, battery, cables) for a minimum of 2-years. A 2-year warranty period is a good indication of a trusted manufacturer.