GoCycle G4i

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  • Lightweight yet sturdy, the Formula-1-inspired GoCycle is engineered with Carbon-Fibre Front Fork, Hydroformed Aerospace Aluminum Mainframe, Titanium Folding Pin, Carbon-Fibre Mid-Frame, Patented Magnesium Cleandrive, Cast Magnesium Wheels..  The result - a beautiful ebike that weighs only 37 lbs, with minimum vibration and improved steering.
  • Powerful yet silent, the all-new G4drive™ delivers the most impressive torque up hills, complemented by GoCycle’s proprietary Traction Control and class-leading Torque Sensing Technology for a safe and smooth ride.
  • Compact yet mighty, GoCycle is purposely designed with the same geometry as large-wheel step-through upright bike to offer you the most optimized maneuverability and cycling experience.  No other folding ebike is as compact and portable as the GoCycle.
  • Streamlined & user-friendly, all info the rider needs is presented in an F1-inspired dashboard on the GoCycle Connect App via low energy Bluetooth.  Simply turn on the bike and enjoy cycling!
  • Upgrades from G4
    • Extended range up to 85km
    • Integrated Headlight
    • Electronic Predictive Shifting