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Why Us

More Then Experts

  • We are passionate about electric bikes and strive to provide meaningful expertise which will result in the best possible choice for you.
  • Ebikes can change your life, so we do our absolute best to facilitate what is a big decision, and remain by your side for the years to come.

What is an eBike “expert”

  • Someone who can explain how the motor, battery, and bike characteristics contribute to reliability and your overall ride quality.
  • As well as, best practices for riding and maintenance!
  • Bicycle fitting is incredibly important; we make sure we get the right fit, so that the bike “feels” just perfect.  Frame size and wheel size and frame geometry contribute to this most.

Learn With Us

  • We create an atmosphere where you learn about bikes, and we learn about you.  With that combination we can find the best possible fit for you and your needs.
  • Our goal is to provide advice whether you shop with us, or elsewhere.  We just want to make sure you are well informed of all your options before making your decision.

After Sale Service

  • Perhaps the MOST undervalued or unrealized factor in an electric bike purchase is that your will require after sale service! Imagine buying a car without any service agreements.
  • With your purchase we offer 1-YEAR COMPLIMENTARY warranty adjustments and tunes.
  • Why? Bicycle components do require steady maintenance to keep your ebike tuned and performing its best.  You might not notice that an adjustment is necessary, but we do!
  • Learning more about your riding style through the first year will help us build a well understood service schedule, together.