3 Reasons Why You Should Consider an E-bike For Your Daily Commute

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider an E-bike For Your Daily Commute

Whether your current daily commute takes the form of walking, cycling, driving or public transportation, you might be feeling like it's time for a change.

Electric bicycles, or e-bikes, are one of the most popular alternatives for a greener, more convenient daily commute. There are plenty of advantages to switching to an e-bike for your day-to-day city travels, and convenience is only one of them.

1. Less money spent on gas, insurance, parking and public transit

Gas prices are on the rise, and this is causing public transit prices to increase as well. Whether you drive or transit, you're likely feeling the extra squeeze on your wallet.

Electric bikes don't require gas nor insurance, so you can save that extra cash and save the environment, too. It's a win-win situation. Also, there’s nothing quite like passing hundreds of cars during rush hour traffic. Get home on time, every time.

2. More exercise, period

The great thing about e-bikes is their versatility. Most e-bikes allow the rider to select an assist level based on the terrain and desired speed. This means that you can pedal effortlessly if you want to look fresh for the office. However, it also means you have the option of increasing your effort if you want some extra exercise and fresh air while out and about for the day—all while de-stressing your commute.

For those who want even more exercise, Torque sensing e-bikes measure your pedal force and amplify it. These types of e-bikes encourage more pedaling and exercise because of the positive feedback you get from the motor. Whatever the bike or rider, it will be exponentially higher then driving a car to commute!

3. Lots of durable, stylish choices, but buying beware!

Just like manual bicycles, there are tons of e-bike options for every lifestyle. Road bikes, mountain bikes or everything in between—aka “hybrids”—are all available electrified!

There are various tiers of manufacturers putting e-bikes on the market. Well-known bike brands usually partner with major motor manufacturers in combination to produce their bikes. Smaller manufacturers might source their motors from various factories but those systems are less reliable and replacement parts may be hard to find. A good way to check the reliability is the warranty period. Anything less then 2 years is below average and has a higher risk of failure.

Let us help you switch to a cleaner, more enjoyable daily commute

At Reckless Shipyards, we are passionate about helping everyone in North Vancouver find the electric bike that perfectly suits their needs. Our team loves nothing more than helping a customer discover the joy and ease that comes with the right e-bike.

For more information, product demos and shopping advice, stop by Reckless Shipyards and let us assist you in upgrading your daily commute so that it becomes one of the best parts of your day.
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