About Bianchi

The History Of Bianchi

Introducing Bianchi to our valued clients and guests at Reckless Shipyards, we're thrilled to showcase the rich history that intertwines with Italy's own narrative. Edoardo Bianchi, a visionary entrepreneur, inaugurated his first workshop in Milan at the youthful age of 20 in 1885. Initially selling an array of items, including penny-farthings, under a "Repair Shop" sign, Bianchi swiftly became a prominent figure in the burgeoning world of velocipede competitions. By 1899, Bianchi triumphed internationally at the Grand Prix de Paris, marking the brand's initial foray into the competitive cycling arena. Edoardo Bianchi's profound passion for cycling extended to innovative pursuits, leading to the exploration of the internal combustion engine in 1897, a choice that resonated until the 1960s.

As we delve into Bianchi's captivating journey, we uncover the brand's pivotal role during the Great War, where it became synonymous with mechanical efficiency and speed. The introduction of the full-suspension bike, initially designed for the Bersaglieri soldiers in 1915, showcased Bianchi's commitment to innovation and comfort. Even in the face of economic challenges, Bianchi persevered, evolving into a joint-stock company by 1907, and later becoming the 'official supplier of the Royal Family.' This enduring legacy of creativity and resilience has played a crucial role in our decision to embrace Bianchi as a cornerstone brand at Reckless Shipyards, offering our clients the finest in cycling history, innovation, and excellence.

Industry Leaders

Embarking on a journey with Bianchi, Reckless Shipyards proudly presents an ebike brand that not only boasts a legendary history but stands as a pioneer in the world of electric bicycles. As the exclusive sponsor for Jan Ullrich and his team, Bianchi's white and celeste jersey made a triumphant return to the peloton, weaving dreams for both the Coppi generation and the new era, exemplified by Julien Absalon's gold medal triumph at the Athens Olympics in 2004 on a Bianchi mountain-bike.

Bianchi's commitment to excellence and technological advancements shines through their notable innovations. In 2010, the introduction of the Oltre marked a significant leap in cycling design, enhancing aerodynamics and leveraging the strength and lightness of carbon fiber. The Infinito CV, unveiled in 2013, revolutionized cycling with the groundbreaking Countervail® technology, a NASA-developed carbon fiber capable of canceling up to 80% of vibrations. This innovation extended to the high-end Specialissima model in 2015, showcasing Bianchi's dedication to pushing boundaries.

As Bianchi continued to conquer diverse terrains, winning the Under 23 World Champion cross-country title in 2015 and introducing the Methanol CV in 2016, they solidified their status as a trailblazer in both road and off-road cycling. Beyond the race tracks, Bianchi evolved into a lifestyle brand over its 130-year history, blending the elegance of their bikes with the stylish Italian culture. With Bianchi Café & Cycles in major cities like Stockholm, Milan, and Tokyo, the brand seamlessly merges the bicycle into everyday life, creating an enduring image of sophistication. Reckless Shipyards is privileged to carry the future-driven legacy of Bianchi, inviting our guests to experience the epitome of style, innovation, and continuous technological research.

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