Ride The Spirit Trail

Enjoy the scenic bike path along West and North Vancouver. With our eBikes, you’ll feel free to cross the Lions Gate Bridge and into Stanley Park and even beyond.

No Hill Too Steep

Electric bikes have the same benefits of traditional bicycles, but with more comfort and ease. Better range allows riders to tackle hills and wind, pull heavier loads, and take longer journeys. They also make riding more accessible to older cyclists and people with disabilities. Pedal assist can help to protect your joints and make for a more comfortable ride by reducing stress on your hips, ankles, and knees.

 Our high quality ebike fleet includes Bosch-powered Royal Dutch Gazelle electric bikes.  Once you get on, you won’t want to get off!

If you don’t know exactly where to go, we have expert advice for you to find the best ride. All rentals come complete with a helmet and a lock!

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    Full Day (8 Hours)
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  • Comfort eBikes

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Powerful All-rounder

Comfort eBikes - Gazelle Arroyo C8

his powerful all-rounder with a Bosch Performance Line mid-drive is ideal for day-to-day trips as well as longer rides. With plenty of torque, it provides assistance not only on flat, but also on hilly terrain.

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