BC's New E-bike Rebate Program

The government of British Columbia just announced a new rebate program to save money on eligible e-bike purchases. Could this be the incentive to get more people commuting by e-bike?
“E-bikes are becoming commonplace in B.C. as a convenient alternative to motor-vehicle trips, but their price can put them out of reach for people,” said Rob Fleming, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure. “By making rebates available and basing the rebate amount on income, we can make e-bikes and clean transportation more affordable and accessible for everyone.”
Rebates on the purchase of an approved e-bike will be available to residents of BC who are older than 19 and based on the person’s income. Rebates will range from $350 to $1,400. And unlike previous rebate programs, there is no need to scrap a car to access the rebate. The Province is investing over $6 million in the program, which will allow up to 9,000 people to save on their next e-bike purchase. ClIck HERE to see if you qualify.
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