Why Dutch Upright Sitting eBikes Are the Best

When it comes to cycling, it's common to think of sporty riders in Lycra sweating it out on roadways or mountain bikers grinding up trails. However, the Dutch take a much different approach to cycling, and it's one of comfort, pleasure, and everyday use.

Dutch upright bikes are as iconic in their design as they are practical and beautiful. If you're looking for a comfortable, eco-friendly way to enjoy your daily commute or run errands around town, a Dutch upright e-bike can't be beaten.

What is a Dutch bicycle?

Before we jump into why we love this style of e-bike, let's talk about what it is.

For most, thinking of cycling conjures images of sleek, lightweight frames built for speed and agility. While these have their uses, they require a lot of skill, coordination, and training to operate.

In contrast, Dutch bikes are made for anybody of any fitness level or skill. You don't have to be a competitive cyclist to enjoy a Dutch bike! Dutch bike frame geometry allows for easy, low-step frames and seats that cradle riders to sit in a comfortable, upright position.

In addition, the handlebars of Dutch bikes are longer and sweep back to meet your hands in a more natural, comfortable grip. This is ideal for leisurely riding around the neighborhood or through the town.

Finally, Dutch upright bikes are intended for riders who may be commuting in street clothes, so they have features like mudguards, generous fenders, protective chainguards and, on the security side, wheel locks!

Here's why a Dutch upright e-bike is the ultimate ride

Because Dutch bikes are built for convenience and comfort (and in the Netherlands, flat terrain), the riding position is not as athletic, which you would want if you are going for top speeds or training for an event. This makes them ideal for pairing with electric bike systems because riders can take advantage of both comfort and performance.
Bosch e-bike systems, like what is found on the Royal Dutch Gazelle, allow riders to combine their own effort with the bikes lower gears, plus four electric assist levels—all of which neutralize the difficulty of any steep incline. With this type of setup, you can also turn off the motor completely and ride flats without power with no additional resistance.

Experience the magic of Dutch upright e-bikes for yourself

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