Stromer ST2

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Stromer ST2

Anti-Theft Protection

Alone in the big city? Not a problem with GPS localization, anti-theft mode with motor locking and notifcation by email or text message. No more fear for a stolen ebike without a chance of recovering it.

The Ride Of Your Life

With a choice of frame geometries, customizable riding position, ergonomic grips and optional suspension, you feel no fatigue when you reach your destination - and are ready for the next round.

Paving The Way

With the new Daylight daytime running light, powerful brake activation and the best possible ashphalt grip as well as high directional stabilty of the large-volume tires, the ST2 is agile and competent in urban traffic.

Learn With Us

We create an atmosphere where you learn about bikes, and we learn about you.  With that combination we can find the best possible fit for you and your needs.

Our goal is to provide advice whether you shop with us, or elsewhere.  We just want to make sure you are well informed of all your options before making your decision.

Complimentary 1-Year Service

Perhaps the MOST undervalued or unrealized factor in an electric bike purchase is that your will require after sale service! Imagine buying a car without any service agreements.

With your purchase we offer 1-YEAR COMPLIMENTARY warranty adjustments and tunes.

Why? Bicycle components do require steady maintenance to keep your ebike tuned and performing its best.  You might not notice that an adjustment is necessary, but we do!

Learning more about your riding style through the first year will help us build a well understood service schedule, together.

Certified Pre-Owned

Looking for a decent ebike that doesn’t break the bank? Try our certified pre-owned eBikes that are just as reliable and fun! These pre-owned e-bikes were well loved, thoroughly inspected and professionally refurbished by our certified ebike technicians to meet the most desirable condition possible.

Service & Repair